Visualizing contrasts to the cortical surface

I have very little experience about MNE-nirs and I started to look and analyse my data according to the examples. I have two issues.

  1. How can I plot also the contrast to the cortical surface? The GLM estimates I managed to plot according to the tutorial GLM Analysis (Measured) — MNE-NIRS 0.2.1 documentation.

  2. Tutorial Group Level GLM Analysis — MNE-NIRS 0.2.1 documentation uses BIDS for group GLM analyses. In my learning status it is difficult for me. My data is in .snirf format. How I can load group data without BIDS? Do you have an example about that somewhere?

Thank you

(I use MNE 1.0.2 in Linux)

Hello, @rob-luke is the creator of MNE-NIRS and may have some advice for you here!