Testing for regional power differences EEG

I am looking for advice on ways (?the best way?) to test for regional power differences in 64-channel EEG data.
I have sleep data for 3 groups of participants. I want to see if there are regional differences in power between groups in each sleep stage. I have an epochs object for each sleep stage of interest (N2, N3, REM).

I have seen in papers some groups will do ANOVAs to compare regional power between groups. I am wondering if there are any MNE functions which neatly perform regional comparisons. I’ve found the spatio-temporal clustering test and tutorial, which I think might do the job and avoids pre-define regions of interest (mne.stats.spatio_temporal_cluster_test — MNE 1.0.2 documentation) but I am interested if anyone recommends something different?

Many thanks

  • MNE version: 0.24.0
  • operating system: Windows 10

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Maybe @agramfort can give you some advice here or put you in touch with a person who could help?

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Thanks for this- fingers crossed!