Source space estimates using a template rather than MRI data

Hello, I am using Windows 10, MNE version 0.22.0, and Python 3.8.5. I am analyzing EEG data, which is currently in raw format (I also have converted it to events, epochs, and evoked). I have a question about creating source space estimates that I have been stuck on for some time. Apologies if I have missed something straightforward or if this was answered in an archived post that I missed.

I believe the correct function for creating source space estimates is mne.setup_source_space. However, it requires associated MRI data as a FreeSurfer file. The dataset I am using does not come with MRI images for the subjects so I would like to just use a template to create estimates (though I recognize they will not be as precise). Is there a way to tell the function that I do not have a FreeSurfer file? Or is there another function for this purpose?

Thanks very much for any pointers or advice on this!

Hi @sequoia33, there is a tutorial about using a template brain to make source estimates from EEG data.

Can you take a look at that and see if it gets you un-stuck? If not, please post back here and we’ll try to help further!

Hi, thanks very much, yes that worked and after that I managed to get everything else to work.