Source Estimation without individual MRIs

Hi there,

I’d like to do some EEG source estimation for a project I’m working on at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to individuals MRIs for each participant. I was just wondering if anyone had any previous experience carrying out source estimation with template MRIs - and could recommend the best algorithm to use given the circumstances.

I understand our source estimates won’t be as accurate, but we’re still interested in comparing them to previous results in similar paradigms.

For reference, we’re using a 64 channel BioSemi EEG system recording activity in a memory (old/new) task.

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I don’t have personal experience doing this, so no advice on which algorithm is best, but I’m assuming you’ve seen this tutorial?

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Hello @julesneuro,

I’ve done this multiple times for EEG data, and results looked quite promising if the caps were placed correctly.

The tutorial @drammock pointed you to should have all the info you need! But of course, feel free to ask if you run into issues.

Good luck,

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Hi Richard and Dan. This is incredibly helpful – thanks so much.