Set default browser/plot settings

I know the window size of the browser open by raw.plot() matches the size of the last closed browser by reading a config variable from a file.

Is there a way, and with which keyword, to set other default values in a similar config file for the browser?

For instance, I would like to set by default that the annotation mode, toggled with a, is ON.
The default annotation behavior should have the ‘Draggable Edge’ check box check.
The default annotations should be:

  • xxxx
  • yyyy

Similarly, is there a way to set a default (x/y) location/geometry to open a given browser and/or plot on a specific location on the screen?
e.g. when I am creating 3 plots, I would like to predefined where they will appear instead of unstacking them with the mouse.

Is there either a config file I can edit, or a function I can call with the default settings I want to use during this session?

Currently I don’t think that configuration settings other than window size are supported. You should be able to set some values in your call to raw.plot(), but this has not been implemented for all options (e.g. there is no way to change the “draggable edge” option). I think this is clearly something that should exist, so feel free to open an issue or a PR!

I’m not sure what you mean by “default annotations”, but currently these are hard-coded to “BAD_” (I think). Changing that would require to introduce a new parameter.

Regarding screen position and geometry of multiple figures, this is currently not supported. In my opinion, window placement should be handled by the window manager and not MNE.