module ‘qdarkstyle’ has no attribute ‘light’

module 'qdarkstyle' has no attribute 'light'
I have seen such a question being asked before and the person asking the question had “light” attribute in qdarkstyle module. However, I cannot get light even when I import the latest version of qdarkstyle
I also installed qdarkstyle=2.8.1
Any suggestions?

['DEPRECATION_MSG', 'DarkPalette', 'EXAMPLE_PATH', 'IMAGES_PATH', 'MAIN_SCSS_FILE', 'MAIN_SCSS_FILEPATH', 'PACKAGE_PATH', 'QRC_FILE', 'QRC_FILEPATH', 'QSS_FILE', 'QSS_FILEPATH', 'QSS_PATH', 'RC_PATH', 'REPO_PATH', 'STYLES_SCSS_FILE', 'STYLES_SCSS_FILEPATH', 'SVG_PATH', 'VARIABLES_SCSS_FILE', 'VARIABLES_SCSS_FILEPATH', '__builtins__', '__cached__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__loader__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__', '__spec__', '__version__', '_apply_application_patches', '_apply_binding_patches', '_apply_os_patches', '_apply_version_patches', '_load_stylesheet', '_logger', 'load_stylesheet', 'load_stylesheet_from_environment', 'load_stylesheet_pyqt', 'load_stylesheet_pyqt5', 'load_stylesheet_pyside', 'load_stylesheet_pyside2', 'logging', 'os', 'palette', 'platform', 'style_rc', 'warnings']


Could you try the following steps and test in-between:

  • Update qdarkstyle (latest is 3.1) in your environment.
  • Update mne-qt-browser (latest it 0.4.0)
  • Update mne (latest is 1.2.1)

I think you have a version conflict somewhere, and maybe that will solve it.
If it does not, could you share the output of:

import mne


Did you try the solution offered in module 'qdarkstyle' has no attribute 'light' ? (namely, to update Spyder)? Are you using spyder?