Silent error / hanging raw.plot()

  • MNE version: 1.o
  • operating system: macOS Monterey

I’m seeing a silent error when I attempt to run raw.plot(). I’m afraid I’ve not been able to isolate it much more than “it works on some data and not on others.”

I want to use raw.plot() to explore and mark data for rejection on data I’m pulling from the four raw columns of ~6 total minutes of data sampled at 256 Hz produced by a Muse pulled from here:

When I do, I get the below indefinitely.

This works without issue on another data set I’m using produced from a Neurosity Crown.

Happy to look into other variables (e.g., changes in environment) to try and isolate the issue if you have suggestions. I know this isn’t much to go off of, but I’m afraid there’s not error or warning message anywhere. All I have is:

Using qt as 2D backend.
Opening raw-browser...
For Dark-Mode "qdarkstyle" has to be installed! You can install it with `pip install qdarkstyle`
qt.qpa.drawing: Layer-backing can not be explicitly controlled on 10.14 when built against the 10.14 SDK
Using pyopengl with version 3.1.6

Hello @szerfas1, there is a known problem when using the new GUI from an interactive Python session. Please see the following posting for a solution:

Please let me know if that resolved the issue for you!

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Thank you Richard! An instant fix :smile:

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FYI this has now been resolved in the latest version of mne-qt-browser, which is also included in our updated installers.