MNE-BIDS-pipeline & source-locaization with KIT

I have a quite specific question about KIT. I was tested MNE-BIDs-pipeline with KIT data. I noticed that parameter of ‘dev_head_t’ missing from steps of preprocess. Without this parameter, I can’t do source. Is there any suggestions? Many thanks.

  • MNE-Python version: 0.23
  • operating system: ubuntu

Hello @TYH, I’m sorry, I cannot really understand your problem. Could you please elaborate / rephrase? Do you get any specific error message? What is it?


Hi @richard, sorry, I did not make it clear.

First, MNE-Python version is not 0.23. It was a typo.

Second, I got error message like below.

Third, I guess the problem is that it can’t access T1 but I am not sure which T1 I should access. This participant has its own T1 image and preprcoessed in freesurfer as well as its bem. I saved it under derivatives. When I tried suggested script below, it showed error when I used bids.session or bids.root.

" def get_t1_from_meeg(bids_path):
bids_path.session = ‘MRI’
return bids_path
mri_t1_path_generator = get_t1_from_meeg"

Any comments? I appreciated your help. Thank you~~