mne_bids_pipeline Output Dir

Hi there!

We are experiencing problems when working with mne_bids_pipeline.
So far we’ve followed this tutorial in order to set it up and use the pipeline for preprocessing.

We are working with this dataset.

The main problem is now that we can’t seem to find the supposedly created report (.html file) despite clicking through every folder possible.
Nor could we find a way to reference a destination folder.


  • mne_bids_pipeline version: 1.5.0
  • operating system: Windows 11

Config file:

study_name = 'chord-oddball'
bids_root = '.\\eeg-chord-oddball\\ds003570'
deriv_root = ".\\eeg-chord-oddball\\ds003570\\derivatives"
task = 'TASKNAME' 
l_freq = 0.5
h_freq = 30.
epochs_tmin = -0.4
epochs_tmax = 1.6
baseline = (0.3, 0.4)
raw_resample_sfreq = 64
ch_types = ['eeg']
data_type = 'meg'
conditions = ['stim'] 
on_error = 'continue' 
subjects_dir = '.\\eeg-chord-oddball\\ds003570'

mne_bids_pipeline --config=.\eeg-chord-oddball\mne_pipeline\

Could you please tell us what we are missing?

Thanks in advance :smiley: