"Did not find any eeg.json associated with..." in mne_bids.make_report


  • MNE-Python version: 0.xx.x
  • MNE-bids version: 0.7
  • operating system: Windows 10

I dont know if this goes in this forum but i didnt find the mne-bids forum for asking this.
But im working witn MNE-BIDS and i have write the bids files from a .bdf file and they exist, but when i use mne_bids.make_report the next problem pop ups:

but there is a eeg.json file in my subject folder, maybe that isnt the file that make_report is looking for or when it is searching for it doesnt find it.

i dont know if there is a problem with the using of make_report or something like that

Hello @calvegh and welcome to the forum!

This is the correct place to ask MNE-BIDS-related questions; simply add the mne-bids tag (I did that for you)

This seems to be a bug in MNE-BIDS indeed. I have opened an issue on GitHub and we’ll look into this ASAP:

Best wishes,


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Hello @calvegh, did you ever manage to resolve this? Looking at the information you provided, I now see that there’s something wrong with the paths and the input data you provide to make_report() is not BIDS-compatible, as you have .bdf suffixes in folder names…

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