bids-pipeline processing: a critical error

I have an error message while running bids-pipeline preprocess. The config file works fine with most of participants apart from some of them. Basically, the same error message like below. I checked event.tsv for each run. It was correctly showing all events and type. Any comments? Many thanks.

  • MNE-Python version:
  • operating system: ubuntu

It’s really hard to tell without access to the data. Can you replicate with some public data using the problematic events.tsv file?


Hi @agramfort ,

Many thanks for help. I analyzed the data with typical preprocessing using mne. It was fine. I can finish preprocessing toward generating evokes. I guess events. tsv is not a problem. So, I checked the bids pipeline again. I found one thing interesting but I am not sure whether it’s useful. There are three runs for this data. If I put one run one time in the config file, there is no error message. It showed successfully finished preprocessing for each run. But if I put two runs in the config file, no matter which kind of combinations, it shows error message. Is there anything particular in combining files? It could be me simply testing a wrong direction.

it should work fine even if you have 2 runs. Are the 2 runs having different events?


they have exactly the same number of events.

Hello @TYH, do you think you could share your data and the configuration file you’re using?


sure. I will use wetransfer share you data and the configuration file later today. Thank you very much for help ~~

I’ve received your email and will try to have a look tomorrow afternoon (UTC).

Best wishes,

Thank you very much.