Interpreting ICA component scalp maps

Hello everyone,

In my project, I performed dorsiflexions of the foot as soon as cues occurred. Only the right foot was used.

I processed the data in EEGLAB with the following steps:

  1. import of data, channel locations and event information
  2. extraction of epochs
  3. removing the baseline values
  4. decompose by ICA

I then have the following problem, I don’t know how to use the ICA Component maps.

I have the following questions:

  • what shows me in the colorbars of the ICA maps slight hints of activity for actual movement. I mean, for example, what are the indications of activity for actual movements, e.g. whether it is in the blue or red area on the colorbar.

-Apart from that, I would be happy if you could look over my ICA cards and maybe find hints for actual movements of the right foot, because I am very unsure.


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Hello @f61, I think this question would be better suited for the EEGLAB mailing list, EEGLAB mailing lists - EEGLAB Wiki

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