How to open .nii (or .nii.gz)file?

I have a serious files with the format of .nii.gz, they are fmri files, I want to deal with these with mne in python however I found most of documentation use .fif file, then is there a way to deal with .nii.gz?

Hello @CliffordTHU,

the files you’re dealing with are fMRI images, like you said. MNE-Python is not meant to process or analyze fMRI data, only electrophysiological data (and it may use anatomical, not functional, MRI scans for source reconstruction).

You may want to check out this course material on fMRI analysis with Python to find some pointer on what to do and where to start:

But it’s really nothing that can be done with MNE-Python.

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well,is there a way to convert fMRI files to formats we familiar? like .fif?

No, there is no use in doing so, MNE-Python is meant to deal with electrophysiological and fNIRS data, and doesn’t have any machinery to handle fMRI data. Please look for software that supports fMRI data. MNE-Python is the wrong tool for your analysis.

Okay, I will figure other ways, thanks for your suggestion!

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