Fieldline OPM Crosstalk

Hi everyone!

We have been working with a OPM Fieldline device, as some of you may know, each sensor includes a mechanism of compensation that tries to reach the zero field. We have three disrupted sensors (currently the whole device consists of 64 sensors), one of them with a high amplitude “noisy” deflections specially in the middle of the recordings and the remaining two with suspicious rhythmic activity of high amplitude with respect to the average signal amplitude. So, someone has suggested us just turn off these sensors to avoid them to influence the other sensors through crosstalk interactions.

Does anyone know if it is possible to remove these effects after (cleaning with artifact removing packages, for ex.) or if it is better to follow the advices and remove this influence from the beginning?

I know it’s not very informative regarding the question, but I’ve attached an image of 200 seconds of recording.