OPM Bids Question

Hi All,

Our group is using a fieldline OPM system that outputs to .fif and .ds meg formats. It seems like mne-bids should be able to handle conversion to BIDS

  1. Is there a bids version for OPM datasets - or would this just be the MEG bids format?
  2. Would we need to specify any specific tags/suffixes to make it identifiable as OPM vs MEG? (_opm.fif vs _meg.fif - or does it not matter?)
  3. Does the nulling coil information have to be integrated somehow?

We are at the early stages of data collection - but we just wanted to make sure we had everything in order for the eventual push to BIDS format.

Jeff Stout


your files in .fif will be fine with the standard extension: _meg.fif

if you can have the nulling coil in the .fif file it would be great I think.