Zlogratio on averaged trials and conditons

Hi :slight_smile:

I want to export my EEG data standardized with zlogratio. I have four different experimental conditions in my experiment. Would you say it is necessary, to calculate the tfr_Morlets over all conditions and to “average='False” and than doing the zlogratio and than asign to each condition? Instead of doing “average=‘True’” and than zlogratio for every condition seperatly
My thinking behind this is the following:

  • When “average=‘True’”, than there is no standardderivation to calculate on a subject level because there is only one averaged trial per subject

  • When zlogratio is done for every condition seperetly it only includes the standardderivation relative to that one condition, which could lower the difference between conditions.

I dont know how to explain this any better :confused:

I didnt find any paper yet that described that process specificly

Thank you :slight_smile: