Vectorview channel groups

I’m sure I’ve been able to pick MEG sensor groups from Vectorview data (‘left-temporal’, ‘right-frontal’ etc) before, but I cannot find it any more. Any quick tips?



You mean in raw.plot()? I believe raw.plot(group_by='selection') should do what you want.

I was too brief. I would like to pick channels (names or indices) for MEG sensor groups (basically like labels in source space).

I don’t know of any public function to do so. There’s a private function that should do what you want though:

@agramfort we should have a public API for this…

Thanks. I think mne.selection.read_selection is what I remembered :slight_smile:

Oh, right that’s perfect!
btw you can use it directly from the mne namespace, i.e., mne.read_selection().

you also have a selection parameter in mne.pick_types


But that would serve a different purpose, unless I’m mistaken? @olafhauk wanted to select channels based on location, whereas mne.pick_types's selection parameter simply restricts the picked channels to a provided list of channel names – but doesn’t help with finding out where on the head these channels are located. Am I missing something?

indeed. You are right @richard

my bad


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