Simulating EEG data with and without bridging

MNE version 1.1
Operating system: windows 10

Hi all,

For a research project, we would like to simulate EEG data (not based on an existing dataset) with and without bridging between electrodes (i.e., when two or more electrodes have nearly identical signals) using MNE python, so that we can compare how this bridging influences the following preprocessing steps.

As we have no experience with simulating EEG data, we were wondering if somebody has experience with simulating EEG data in MNE and could help us out with this?

All the best


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have you seen our simulation tutorials Simulation — MNE 1.0.3 documentation and examples Data Simulation — MNE 1.0.3 documentation? If you can’t figure it out from those, then let us know what is missing / what you still don’t know how to do, so they can be improved!

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Thank you for sharing these helpful links! I will see if I can manage to do it with these tutorials; otherwise, I will let you know.