Set Montage to EDF file

I am creating montage via (mne.channels.read_custom_montage — MNE 1.0.3 documentation) and (mne.channels.make_standard_montage — MNE 1.0.3 documentation).

Can I apply it to EDF files then?

Thank you!

Hello @LoukasIlias!

Once you’ve read the EDF data, you can apply the montage, yes. So if you’ve read the data into raw, you can then do:


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Thanks @richard !

Regarding annotations, are there any functions except (mne.read_annotations and raw.annotations)?
I have an EDF file, where the clinician states that it has annotations, but the above-mentioned functions return 0 segments.

Hello @LoukasIlias, can you please create a new topic for new questions? This will also make it easier for others to chime in and help!

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