Reloading coregistration file


I’m using the coregistration GUI in mne-python to rescale my MRI template per subject.

After I save the scaled MRI and the transformation file, I sometimes need to reload it in order to further adjust it.

My question is - how can I reload my coregistration file into the GUI? (so I can see the previous end-point and start there?)


Hello Keren,

you should be able to load an existing “-trans.fif”-file storing the transformation if you have saved it before with the ‘load’-button I marked here:

Or you give the path to the “-trans.fif”-file as a string to mne.gui.coregistration.
Does this answer your question?

Best wishes

Thank you very much Martin. Actually, I tried loading the “trans.fif” file with the load button but it doesn’t seem to work. I am looking for another way or to some possible explanation why it is not working.



what’s happening, specifically?