Head scaling in gui.coregistration

  • MNE-Python version: 0.20
  • operating system: Windows Server 2019 Standard

just a general question: what is the point of the head scaling option in the coregistration, and when is it recommended or necessary to use it?


click save should open a window to allow you to save the subject-trans.fif file.

it works fine for me

can you share a screenshot?


Hello @fesieben and welcome to the forum!

As a general note, please do not edit an existing posting to the point where it asks an entirely different question than it did initially. Now @agramfort’s answer is out of context… Please always open a new topic for new questions.




thanks @agramfort for replying, and sorry for the edit - I found out by myself that the issue with saving had been caused by “Scaling Mode” not being set to “None”. I then instead wanted to know what is the purpose of that option - but you’re totally right @richard, I should have asked that in a new topic. My apologies!


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if you use the MRI that is not the one from your subject you can scale it (eg if you have a kid and you want to use fsaverage as template). You then use the dig points to adjust the scale.


Alright, that makes sense. Thanks!