rejecting only bad channels in an epoch

Hi all,

I am using mne to process some EEG data which I have collected from
participants performing an oddball task. As might be expected, some of my
channels are noisy in some part of the epoched data and I want to reject
them. What I understand from MNE is that I can reject bad channels based on
peak-to-peak amplitude by setting reject parameter when using "mne.Epochs"
to epoch the data. This is very cool, but this rejects the whole epoch
containing this noisy channel and throws out the data of good channels as
well. The other possible way is to mark a channel as "bad" and then epoch
the data from the remaining channels. The problem of this latter way is
that some channels are noisy only in some part of the experiment and not in
all the session.
My question is if there is any way to reject only bad channels in an epoch
(instead of rejecting the whole epoch or rejecting a channel in the whole

Thanks a lot,

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Hi Maryam,

Do you know about autoreject: Does it do the
job for you?