Read the PSG data and Hypnograms to create a raw object

  • MNE version: 1.0.1
  • operating system: Windows 10
ALICE, BOB = 0, 1

[alice_files, bob_files] = fetch_data(subjects=[ALICE, BOB], recording=[1])

raw_train =[0], stim_channel='Event marker',
                                misc=['Temp rectal'])
annot_train = mne.read_annotations(alice_files[1])

raw_train.set_annotations(annot_train, emit_warning=False)

# plot some data
# scalings were chosen manually to allow for simultaneous visualization of
# different channel types in this specific dataset
raw_train.plot(start=60, duration=60,
               scalings=dict(eeg=1e-4, resp=1e3, eog=1e-4, emg=1e-7,

I want to know what Alice’s [0] and [1] mean. And what are the criteria for setting annotations?

Alice and Bob are just two dummy names given to the subjects in this dataset (A and B).

I don’t know about the annotations.

I mean, Alice, how does [0], [1] load? Is an index assigned to one file?

It seems so, yes. I suggest you find some accompany documentation for this particular dataset that describes its contents.

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Just when I opened the edf file, I couldn’t figure out where Alice was. In my opinion, I think Alice and Bob were chosen randomly. So I was confused.