Problem browser with mff files

Hi guys,
The new mne qt browser does not work with EGI mff file. raw binary files open but not mff files …
Any idea to solve this ?
Julien Jung

Can you provide more details ? What error message do you get ?


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Here is the error message


can you test:

import mne
from mne.datasets import testing

data_path = testing.data_path()
raw_fname = data_path / 'EGI/test_egi.mff'
raw =, preload=True)

this works for me.


I just tried your scriot with the test data.
Same error message.
Should I update mne or some dependancies ?

please provide the output of mne.sys_info(), that will help us know if it’s an out-of-date version or some other problem.

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Dear Dan
I updated mne from 1.0 to 1.2 with the installer.
There was an error at the end of installation but curiously mne was updated.
Using 1.2 version, it is working : I can scroll through mff files with the browser.
Thanks a lot !