Preprocessed Resting state EEG dataset

Hey MNE community,

I wanted to know if new datasets would be integrated into MNE? To my knowledge, there is no multi-subject dataset of resting state EEG already preprocessed available in MNE.
This would also be useful for writing tutorials, or at workshops where it is often difficult to share data.

I was thinking of the LEMON dataset (A mind-brain-body dataset of MRI, EEG, cognition, emotion, and peripheral physiology in young and old adults | Scientific Data) available through HTTP and FTP (Index of /pub/misc/MPI-Leipzig_Mind-Brain-Body-LEMON/EEG_MPILMBB_LEMON/) which integrates raw EEG files, but also their pre-processed versions (and also MRIs) for the two conditions: eyes open and eyes closed


Hello, new snippets of datasets are highly welcome as long as their usage is demonstrated in a tutorial. Are you planning to add a new tutorial?

@dengemann has some experience on this LEMON dataset.

a tutorial would be welcome. It needs a dataset fetcher and some narrative.


The idea would be to write a tutorial about group level analysis, such as relative alpha power difference between eyes opened and eyes closed conditions using preprocessed EEG data. The main points would be to plot a boxplot of relative alpha power in both conditions. If me want to go further, we could also add statistical test (maybe out of the scope) and/or try to predict the condition using some sklearn classifiers
Of course, other suggestions are welcome.
I would be happy to write the tutorial, however I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle the fetcher myself

for group studies we have some constraints. We build all our documentation on circleci automatically
and we cannot use huge datasets on such a free service. How much data would you need for the

Also if the data is available in BIDS maybe
it could be a good candidate for


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I would be very interested by such tutorial. Do you already have info to share with us?