Power line noise detection

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I wonder if there are tools to help detect power line noisy channels in MNE or implemented with Python. There are extensions for EEGLAB or tools in Matlab, but I hardly found in Python.


this is implemented in the MEEGkit toolbox: meegkit.dss — MEEGkit v0.1.2 0.1.2 documentation

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Thank you. But what I want is detecting the noisy channels first. Seems like that toolbox just help to remove line noise.

it typically is in every channel…

Powerline choise typically resides at 60 Hz (in USA) or 50 Hz (Europe) and eventually the harmoncis too, so the common approach is to filter these frequencies out across all channel with a lowpass or sharper notched noise filters.

Take a look at mne.filter.notch_filter — MNE 0.24.1 documentation – specifically, the method parameter also accepts 'spectrum_fit', something that’s similar to CleanLine if you are into that.