Postdoc position in project on EEG methods and open science @Uni Münster, Germany

My lab at the Institute of Psychology, University of Muenster, Germany, is currently looking for a postdoc. This 3-year full-time position is funded by a research grant from the German Research Council (DFG).

Project summary

EEG analysis usually requires long sequences of decisions between many alternative methods and parameters from preprocessing down to statistical tests. How do such analytic decisions affect the results? Can EEG findings obtained with one pipeline be reproduced with other pipelines? Which analysis steps are responsible for the most variability?

To assess the robustness and replicability of EEG analyses and their results, we have initiated the #EEGManyPipelines project. We are conducting a “many analysts” study, in which we provide a representative EEG dataset and invite a large sample of EEG researchers to analyse the data with a processing pipeline of their choice. Further information about our project can be found here:

The postdoctoral research associate will be responsible for the meta-level analysis of the analysis pipelines acquired in this project. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to participate in other ongoing research projects in the lab, mostly in the areas of visual cognition and psychophysics, visual short-term and long-term memory and neuronal oscillations. Further information about the lab’s research, publications and members can be found here: AE Busch - Home


In short, candidates should hold a PhD in psychology, neuroscience, or a related field, have expertise in signal processing and statistical analysis of M/EEG data and solid IT and data management skills.

This project would best suit someone with an interest in EEG analysis methods, open science, and my lab’s research topics (visual cognition and neural oscillations). You will collaborate with an amazing, international team, work in a friendly and inspiring lab environment, and live in an awesome city!


Application deadline is November 15 2021. Earliest starting date is January 2022, but later dates are also possible.

The detailed job ad is available here (scroll down for the English version):

If you are potentially interested in this position, I would be glad to answer any informal questions about the position or application requirements (!

I would be grateful if you could pass this information on to potentially interested colleagues.

Kind regards, Niko Busch