plot_alignment not Showing Head or Electrodes in Automated Coregistration Tutorial

  • MNE version: 1.6.1
  • operating system: Windows 11


I’m attempting to perform coregistration with my data, but have been having trouble verifying the quality of it since the plot_alignment function isn’t working as intended on my system. I’ll be using the automated coregistration tutorial to illustrate my issue, as it is already publicly available and produces the same results for me.

For the final figure produced by the script, here is what should be produced:

But this is what shows up on my system:

No errors are thrown about not being able to retrieve or read files, and I have the sample datasets downloaded.

It’s not an issue with the script, so is it my MNE installation? Backend renderer? Matplotlib? Could there be any other factors interfering with plot_alignment?

Another secondary issue is that the plots close when the script terminates. Help with this would be appreciated as well, but it is not the focus of this post.

What happens with other 3d plots? For example plotting the sample brain:

import mne
subjects_dir = mne.datasets.sample.data_paht() / "subjects"
mne.viz.Brain(subject="sample", subjects_dir=subjects_dir)
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I get a working figure with that function.

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I suppose this means that the issue is not necessarily with the viz module or the backend renderer at the highest level, but what could the issue be then?

sorry, I have no clue :frowning: