old nirx to snirf


I’m trying to convert an old NIRScout dataset (2013, file here) to snirf for import and use with mne-nirs.

I didn’t find any obvious fixes from the snirf GitHub linked to from the import and preprocessing tutorial. I’m now troubleshooting homer installation(s, 2&3) to do NIRx > nirs > snirf. Is this my best course of action?

I saw a nirx tool had been developed (mentioned here) but I don’t have access to their forums (+ probably won’t?) and am looking for a quick fix.

Thanks for the recent webinars/work =)

Wow that’s some seriously old data. I downloaded it and the header file doesn’t even contain a version number for the hardware or software.

MNE only supports reading NIRx files from version 15. But it would be tiny effort to extend support to version 14. But this data seems even older than version 14.

The good news is that whoever uploaded it documented it well and their are 3d positions etc.

Unfortunately I see no easy way to get this data in to MNE. If you go via Homer you will probably lose 3d positions. You could write a reader for MNE that supports this old format if you want, and we can review it. But I suggest that the effort required for you to write and validate a reader for this data would be greater than just rerecording the measurement as its only 2 runs.

But if you do find a clean way to convert the data across, please report back here so we can point others in the right direction.

Sorry I cant be more help.

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Not at all.

Indeed! I xref’d the 14.2 release to 2015 and data collection was late 2013.

I’m interested to work with this particular dataset so will see what comes of it and give an update.

I think Homer 2/3 have differences with their conversion, and I might crack open windows for NIRSdotNET.

I assume the underlying data in the wl1 and wl2 files hasn’t changed. And then it just seems that the old data is missing some of the newer files. I.e. you just have less info to work with, but the components from the MNE reader may still be relevant.

So you could also try expanding the current MNE reader to work without the newer files. Or you could try adding the missing data that the reader expects by hand, effectively manually upgrading your file format. Then using a newer reader.

Again, sorry I cant be of more assistance. Good luck!

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