MNE reading brainvision data — without .vmrk file


I am seeking to utilize MNE to analyze data that has no .vmrk file as the data has no markers.

Read_raw_brainvision is not working as it says there is no .vmrk file. Is there any way to read in data for .eeg and .vhdr file directly?


Hello @Dtdt and welcome to the forum!

Are you sure the file didn’t just get lost? Usually, BV Recorder (and PyCorder too, I believe) add at least a New Segment marker at the beginning of a recording. Hence, there should always be a .vmrk file :thinking:


You could manually edit the .vhdr file and remove the link to the marker file if you really don’t have it.

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or if that doesn’t work, download this file: mne-python/test.vmrk at main · mne-tools/mne-python · GitHub

then delete the lines starting with Mk and edit the line that reads DataFile=test.eeg to point to your real eeg file (just the filename, not the path → all 3 files vhdr, vmrk, eeg should stay in the same directory)

then proceed as @cbrnr mentioned above with the .vhdr file.

… I also think so. So please double check!