MNE-Python 1.7 released on 2024-04-19

Hello friends and fans of MNE-Python! I’m happy to announce that we have released MNE-Python 1.7. Welcome and thanks to new contributors Alexander Kiefer, Balasubramanian T K, Hasrat Ali Arzoo, Ivo de Jong, Martin Oberg, Motofumi Fushimi, Nabil Alibou, Nikolai Kapralov, Richard Scholz, Seyed (Yahya) Shirazi, Velu Prabhakar Kumaravel, and Will Turner!

Notable changes include:

  • You can now reject epochs using callable functions
  • STCs can be exported as GIfTI files using new .save_as_surface() method
  • STCs now have methods for filtering (including SavGol and Hilbert) and a generic “apply_function” method
  • equalize_epoch_counts() now works on EpochsTFR objects
  • interpolate_bads() now works with ECoG and sEEG channels
  • New option for polyphase resampling in resample() methods
  • New RawTFR class, and new methods Raw.compute_tfr(), Epochs.compute_tfr(), and Evoked.compute_tfr()
  • Fix to minimum-phase filtering where the filter was too short by half (causing poor attenuation)
  • Various improvements to the Neuralynx, CNT, KIT, EEGLAB, EDF/GDF, SNIRF, and EyeLink file readers
  • the addition of type hints to some of our functions and classes. This requires no changes to your scripts, but will allow some IDEs to do a better job on things like tab completion and error detection while you’re coding. So far just a few functions have it (e.g., read_raw and read_evokeds) but adding more and more type hints will be an ongoing effort for the next couple release cycles.

Full release notes are here: 1.7.0 (2024-04-19) — MNE 1.7.0 documentation