MNE-Python 1.2 released

Yesterday we released MNE-Python version 1.2, available now on PyPI and conda-forge.

This release includes contributions from 30 contributors including 11 first-time contributors: Andrew Quinn, Chetan Gohil, Daniel Carlström Schad, Dominik Wetzel, Hüseyin Orkun Elmas, Julius Welzel, Mats van Es, Moritz Gerster, Sebastiaan Mathot, Sena Er, and luzpaz. Thanks all!

Notable changes:

  • new option to compute forward solutions using symmetric BEM method via OpenMEEG

  • new classes Spectrum and EpochsSpectrum created via new methods Raw.compute_psd(), Epochs.compute_psd(), and Evoked.compute_psd(). These replace the functions psd_welch() and psd_multitaper() which are now deprecated.

  • new method for ICA objects: get_explained_variance_ratio()

  • cross-talk and point-spread can now be computed for vector and volume-vector source estimates

  • new class EOGRegression and corresponding example

  • common average referencing is now possible with ECoG, sEEG, and DBS data

  • parameter standardization for functions and methods that generate topomaps. Most prominently, colormap limits vmin and vmax are replaced by a tuple vlim, and the title parameter is deprecated (use matplotlib’s ax.set_title() or fig.suptitle() instead).

  • new channel types temperature and gsr (galvanic skin response)

The full changelog is available here.

As always, please feel free to ask usage questions here on our Discourse forum or during bi-weekly office hours on our Discord server, and report bugs and feature requests on our GitHub repository.