Mne MASS database

Has anyone used MNE to read the MASS database (Montreal Archive of Sleep Studies)? Because the oneset of the MASS database is not an integer. Therefore, errors often occur in the alignment of labels and data.

what MASS file are you trying to read? I have the data. Can you just share a code snippet?


Although I have loaded the data using python, I think there is a problem with the alignment of the data points. In fact, I think the time stamp of the data and labels in the original file is not perfect, but many people ignore this.

Alexandre Gramfort via MNE Forum <> 于2021年1月9日周六 上午1:14写道:

Hello @t_mne2021, which files are those, specifically? And how exactly do you load them?

@t_mne2021 can you be more explicit?