I recently encountered a problem when loading the MASS dataset using the mne tool. Because the sampling frequency of some subjects in the MASS data set is different, the data of all channels will be resampled to the same as the first channel when the read_raw_edf function is used. I don’t want automatic resampling. I want to keep the original data dimensions. How can I turn off automatic resampling?

the only way to do this with MNE is to pick the channels you want to read. So read only the channels you don’t want to resample by using exclude param to exclude the channels you don’t want.

let me know if it’s not clear enough


Hi, Mr.Alex
Thank you very much for your answer. I know that there is a keyword ‘exclude’ in the read_raw_edf function. But my model needs to use data from all channels. Therefore no channels can be ruled out. I want to modify to change the default usage of read_raw_edf, but I keep reporting errors. If there is no other solution, I think this is an idea to improve mne tool.


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MNE only works with channels having the same sampling rate. So would need to read channels separately. Sorry no other way.

It’s what we did in this paper : using MASS dataset.


Thanks again for your answers. I read your paper and am very interested for your work. Can you share the code in your paper or the code for processing the MASS data set? I made some mistakes in processing the data of some subjects
Thanks you very much

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I don’t have the reading code in a usable form. The best I can offer is to share:

Thanks for your sharing

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