Mapping sEEG channels to brain regions based on a cortical parcellation atlas

Hello everyone!

I want to use a cortical parcellation (such as HCP-MMP1) atlas to map sEEG electrodes that lie on the cortex to cortical regions. I tried to use mne.get_montage_volume_labels() but it only takes aseg files, and I would like to use a more detailed atlas for cortical regions. So I am confused on how to use these cortical parcellation atlases to map electrodes to regions. What can I do?

Thanks a lot

Sounds interesting! What format is your atlas in? If it’s a surface parcellation, that functionality isn’t currently in MNE yet, and I would argue that it isn’t trivial how you map sEEG electrode contacts to the surface of the cortex since they are inserted deep into the brain. How are you imagining this mapping? Would you just take superficial contacts that are in gray matter? If so there is already a project to surface function for ECoG grids so potentially that function could be used but it would require modifying the MNE code and, more importantly, you would only be able to use one or two contacts per electrode…

It is a surface parcellation. Yes, I was thinking of this for a side analysis that only focuses on electrodes on the surface. I didn’t know about the function that projects ECoG to the surface. Maybe I can try that. What was the name of the function?

Thank you