Mapping electrodes onto the brain surface

My SEEG electrode coordinates are in the AC/PC coordinates and I have a T1 scan of the subject. I am looking for a way to mark the location of each electrode contact in the individual brain reconstructed by FreeSurfer, warp to fsaverage, and generate maps like this.

I went through the relevant tutorials but remain confused. MNE-BIDS documentation note "MNE-Python [to] support using mni_tal and mri coordinate frames, corresponding to the fsaverage and ACPC BIDS coordinate systems respectively. Shall I assume that my data is in subject MRI space and apply FreeSurfer’s talairach.xfm transform to get positions in the MNI fsaverage space?

To download my dataset, run the following command in terminal: openneuro-py download --dataset=ds003688 --include=sub-01