How to visualize connectivity in 3D brain?

  • MNE version: 1.3
  • operating system: Windows 10

Hi! guys,
I’m doing connectivity analysis in the source level followed the method in this paper
The packages used in this paper basically is MNE and conpy(, which are very handy :+1:
However, the source level connectivity can only be visualized in a circular graph or a degree map in the brain(the first figure) instead of connectivity in the brain(the second figure).


I’m wondering if there is some way to visualize the connectivity in the 3D brain, such as extract some node and edge data from the results obtained by mne-connectivity or conpy, then feed to some other visualization software like Brainnet viewer (BrainNet Viewer: A Network Visualization Tool for Human Brain Connectomics).
Thanks a lot! :blush:

Maybe you can try Nilearn?

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You have Visbrain (Contents — visbrain 0.4.6 documentation) that gives less fancy 3D brain than with BrainNet :

But the node/edge etc are highly customizable

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Not exactly what you want, but I used CONN-toolbox to make similar images. It’s a matlab toolbox.

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I tried and it worked! Thanks a lot! :+1: :blush:

Can you share the code with us? Did you use plot_connectome from nilearn?