How to use MNE to read muse EEG data

Hi, thank you for this great library. I am working with Muse and Emotive Epoc X data. Muse has 4 EEG channels and Epoc X has 16. I am wondering if the outputs from these hardwares are supported by MNE. If yes, can you please let me know where is the starting points? if, no, is there any possibilities we have this type of data be supported by MNE?

  • operating system: Window 10

Hello @XRIFY and welcome to the forum!

As far as I know, MUSE data is typically recorded via Lab Streaming Layer and stored as XDF files. There’s a section in our documentation on how to read this format.

For the Emotive headset, a quick Google search didn’t bring up any still-maintained Python tools for reading the data. I suppose it would be best to try to export / convert the data to something more widespread, e.g., the BrainVision format or EDF.

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