Exporting processed simultaneous HD-EEG and MEG data from brainstorm to MNE

Hello MNE users,

I am thinking of exporting the processed raw data from combined HD-EEG and MEG from brainstorm software to MNE for further analysis. Does anyone know in what format should I export the data from brainstorm, and the function that would allow me to view the data on MNE without any error?

PS: I tried doing it in the edf, but I don’t think edf accepts MEG sensor inputs. I got a string to float conversion error while doing so. So could anyone suggest how I can import brainstorm processed data into MNE ??

I would try to export to CTF from brainstorm


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Hi, there’s no option to export a CTF file from brainstorm. I have a file with both EEG and MEG sensors, I need to import them in the MNE accepted format, preferably fif.

mne does not support loading brainstorm files. So the only option is to write a fif file from brainstorm

ask this to brainstorm folks