how to load .edf.seizure file of CHB-MIT dataset

  • MNE version: 1.2.1
  • operating system: windows11

I am working on CHB-MIT dataset for seizure prediction project but the files with extension “.edf.seizure” are not accesible. Is there any way?

duplicate of EEG Database for classification purpose

see answer there.

These files are in “MIT annot” format. The annotation files belonging to EDF files which contain a seizure, have at least two annotations which point to the beginning and the end of the seizure.
(for example file chb05_06.edf.seizures)
After opening the EDF file in EDFbrowser, go to Tools → Import annotations/events and select the tab MIT/WFDB to import the annotations from that annotations file.
Click on the import button and in the file dialog, set the filter to “all files”.

The descriptions look weird because that annotation format was designed for use in ECG only.
The last two annotations point to the start and the end of the seizure.
You can modify the descriptions if you want using the annotation editor.
Press ctrl-s to permanently save the imported annotations into an EDF file.

thanks @Teuniz! Is this the relevant spec? ANNOT(5) If so, it seems we ought to be able to create a reader for them in MNE-Python.

Correct :+1:

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@drammock Hi Dan! Has there been a feature added to be able to look at these annotations? Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry @lianna1016, this fell off my radar and nothing has been done on it. I just opened Add reader for annotations in MIT format · Issue #12660 · mne-tools/mne-python · GitHub so that hopefully someone might pick it up soon though!