How to know whether (t)SSS was applied, and which channels were interpolated?

  • MNE version: 0.24.1
  • operating system: macOS Monterey and Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS


I wanted to ask if there exists a reliable and user-friendly way to figure out

  • whether (temporal) SSS (either via MaxFilter or MNE’s built-in Maxwell filtering) has been applied to a Raw instance?
  • which channels (if any) have been interpolated during this procedure?
  • which (t)SSS parameters were used?

I’m working with Elekta NeuroMag MEG data from @sophie.

I do remember there was some heuristic I could use based on the Info structure, but a) I don’t remember it anymore and b) I never got the impression this was really meant to be a user-visible thing – but I might be mistaken here.



cc @agramfort @larsoner

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Would it not even make sense to have this information easily available in the info, like the the filters, sampling frequency, baseline…? So we know the history of the file.

it’s already there. See eg:

In [1]: import mne
In [2]: raw =‘sub-01_task-somato_meg.fif’)
In [3]:[‘proc_history’]


Thanks @agramfort! But this doesn’t seem to contain info about channel interpolations, right?

it stores stuff done with maxwell_filter that’s it

but yes we could use this proc_info for more stuff


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Yes, I’m asking because Maxwell filtering interpolates bad channels too :slight_smile:

But nice if you believe we could use this structure for more stuff, maybe we can discuss this during tomorrow’s dev meeting?