How to create a Label´╝č

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Hellllllllo bro!
I have a question trouble me sometimes
How to creat a Label subject from SourceSpace?In many examples,the Label subject is load by function Read_label(),i want to creat a Label from my own Interested region.Build a array to creat Label is very time wasting´╝îis there a function that i can select a region from Brain model?

Currently it is not possible to generate freeform labels by, e.g., using a mouse cursor to draw on the cortical surface. One option is to read labels from a known cortical parcellation, using mne.read_labels_from_annot(). Another option is to start with a seed vertex and grow the label spatially using mne.grow_labels(). A third option is to start with an existing SourceEstimate object, and create a label from any non-zero vertices in it, using mne.stc_to_label(). Note also that labels can be combined using the + operator, so you could for example use grow_labels() to create several and then merge them into a single label using +.

This should be possible using FreeView though, right? (ItÔÇÖs been a while since I last looked into this.)

itÔÇÖs possible with mne_analyze (mne-C command)


Yes, I think FreeView allows this. I think thereÔÇÖs also a way to do this from MNE-C.