FW: ICN DataWeek - Improving Neuroscience by learning about Data - Oct 12th - Oct 14th

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Dear Neuro and Data Science enthusiasts,
The reliability of scientific research is being compromised by the 'replication crisis' in biomedical research. To ensure that 'research translates into health' (http://www.bihealth.org/>), the digital era demands transparent and open solutions for data handling, sharing, and integration. Open science practices improve efficiency, creativity, democratization of knowledge and stakeholder empowerment.
As part of the Wellcome Trust funded BIH SPOKES fellowship program<https://www.bihealth.org/en/research/quest-center/mission-approaches/quality/spokes/> we are organizing a lecture series on the interface of data- and neuroscience to communicate about opportunities and resources that can improve reproducibility and scientific rigor in our field.
We are inviting you to the kick-off event of this project, our ICN data-week, 3 days of talks and discussions where we are seeking the support and insight from knowledgeable experts in "all-things data".
Therefore, on behalf of the Interventional and Cognitive Neuromodulation group at the Movement Disorder and Neuromodulation Unit of the Department of Neurology at Charit? Universit?tsmedizin Berlin, we would like to invite you from Week 12th - 14th Oct 2020, 10 am - 4 pm, virtually.
At this event we aim to share knowledge, unique ideas and best practices in talks about "data management for clinical neuroscience" including Neuroimaging and Connectomics, Invasive Neurophysiology, Clinical BCI, Data Carpentry, Data and code versioning and testing best practices. Knowledge management, technical quality and decision making, Open science, reproducibility and meta research.
With your help, we aim to elucidate opportunities of new resources to support the core theme of open science, while at the same time developing an efficient and comprehensive research data strategy. We believe successful automation of reproducible data organization and sharing principles have educational value, improve research quality and secure sustainable translational drive.
We do very much hope to have you on board.
Please register to get the meeting link for free and check the program at https://www.icneuromodulation.org/dataweek

Kind regards,
Safaa Malkawi & Wolf-Julian Neumann