Open PhD position for a German speaking PhD student with specific interest in the field of data science, metaresearch, computational reproducibility, neuroinformatics and invasive brain stimulation.

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Open Position ? SFB TRR295 Project INF PI Neumann

As part of the DFG funded transregional CRC SFB295 ?ReTune?, we have an open PhD position to be filled from November 1st 2020 to January 1st 2021 for up to 4 years. The successful applicant will work at Charit? Campus Mitte (CCM), Chariteplatz 1 10117 Berlin in a collaborative environment supervised by PI Prof. Dr. Wolf-Julian Neumann embedded in a large international multicenter grant on network neuromodulation lead by Prof. Andrea A. K?hn (Chair of the Movement Disorder and Neuromodulation Unit, Charit?).

Our project is focussing on neuroinformatics strategy to improve human research data flow and computational reproducibility in the CRC.
Our lab is combining multimodal research methods including invasive human neurophysiology (Local field potentials and electrocorticography), machine learning and structural and functional neuroimaging.
Our projects explore how neural activity is synchronized across multiple nodes of the motor circuit, how such activity is implicated in cognition and neurological disorders and how these findings can be used for next-generation brain stimulation approaches for therapeutic translation.

The following key research points are being tackled:

  * How can digital research infrastructure improve scientific rigor in the CRC?
  * Which computational solutions can automate data flow from acquisition to version controlled, standardized datasets?
  * All solutions will be test-run in a use case of combined invasive LFP data and non-invasive magnetoencephalography. The multimodal dataset will be analysed with respect to oscillatory connectivity patterns and compared to a functional MRI data, acquired from patients with Parkinson?s disease.

The successful candidate brings a MSc. in a relevant field, programming skills (Python/Matlab), communication skills, the ability to work in a Team and has interest in working in a translational clinical environment. Unfortunately, some proficiency in German language is a must since the appointee will be responsible for communication with administrative staff at Charit? ? Universit?tsmedizin Berlin.
Berlin offers 4 structured PhD programs in the neurosciences alongside the possibility to pursue an independent self-organized track.

It is important to us to build a safe, positive and supportive research environment. We are making every effort to recruit a diverse and gender balanced research team. Please feel encouraged to apply if the research topic sounds interesting to you.

Email julian.neumann at<mailto:julian.neumann at> for further information.