From raw MEG to publication - BIOMAG16 satelliteworkshop, Oct 2, 2016

Hi Experts,

Good Morning!

May I ask a question?

Regarding the face recognition MEG/fMRI datasets,
The mail from Bigmag 2016 says:"Detailed instructions for each toolbox will
be made available onlineincluding analysis scripts and figures of results.
All analyses willshow a full pipeline from the raw data to detailed
publication qualityresults. Researchers who are interested in using the
respectivetoolbox will then be able to reproduce the analysis in their lab
and port it to their own data."

For some reasons, I did not attend the conference.

If possible, Would you like to tell me whether the mentioned materials is
I plan to use the freely shared dataset.

In addition, anyone have successfully used the datasets?
Would you give some suggestions on how to begin using that?

There are two websites to download the datasets. The data from Which one
will be more suitable for brainstorm analysis?

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and the MNE demo with results and code: