epochs uploading Error

Hi, When I try to upload epochs files this error appears for me:

RuntimeWarning: This filename (/Users//Desktop/EEG feature extraction /epochs/clean_sub2_erp_epochs.fif) does not conform to MNE naming conventions. All epochs files should end with -epo.fif, -epo.fif.gz, _epo.fif or _epo.fif.gz

Could anyone help me with what this means?
Thank you


This is not an error but a warning. The file you created will still be created regardless of the fact that it does not conform to the naming convention expected.
The point is that the FIFF format (with the .fif extension) can store many different types of data: Raw, Epochs, Forward models, ICA decomposition, … Thus, a naming convention exists to differentiate between the different data types.

A file containing epoch data is expected to end with -epo.fif, -epo.fif.gz, _epo.fif or _epo.fif.gz as mentioned by the error message.
Your file ends with _epochs.fif which does not respect this convention, thus the warning.



Thank you so much I got it now.