engine dream interpretation

  • MNE version: e.g. 0.24.0
  • operating system: / Windows 10 /
    I used the motor imagery in the data set in the mne csp lecture notes. my goal is to draw csp when i think right or left hand. How can I tell from the topography outputs that left or right hand is considered?

in general, imaginary movement of the left and right hand should activate the respectively contra-lateral motor cortex on the site that is “responsible” for hand movement.

For example Imagining left hand movement should show up in electrodes like C4 (on the right side of the scalp) … and vice versa for right hand movements, which should show up in electrodes like C3.

Having that said, you don’t provide enough context about the analyses or code that you are running – so I cannot be more helpful at this time :slight_smile:

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