eLoreta - apply inverse extra parameters

Hi! I am currently fine-tuning some localizations using different methods (s/eLoreta, dspm and MNE)

If anyone can help me better understand the significance of the extra parameters included for eLoreta when applying the inverse operator I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. eps
  2. max_iter
  3. force_eqal

Hello @aar40, I’m tagging @larsoner, who might be able to help you here.

In the docstring:


It says to read the “Notes” section. Did you take a look? If so, which parts of the param descriptions are unclear? At least eps/iter should make sense in the context of the referenced eLORETA paper if you read that, so make sure you’ve done that if you haven’t already.

But the general idea is that you shouldn’t really need to mess with these. The defaults should be good enough for most people unless you’re getting messages about non-convergence or something.

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