EDF export warning

Hi, I’m using raw.export("***.edf") to get EDF files. The exported EDF is readable, but I got this warning when exporting. I wonder if this would affect the analysis. Waht does this warning mean?

RuntimeWarning: EDF format requires equal-length data blocks, so 0.968 seconds of zeros were appended to all channels when writing the final block.
  raw.export(file[:-3] + 'edf')

I believe @cbrnr is somewhat familiar with EDF export, maybe he’ll have an idea…

It’s basically what the message says: the format can only write whole blocks, so if a signal is too short we have to append zeros. You could decrease the block size, but I don’t think our export supports additional arguments. If you really want to do that you need to use pyEDFlib.

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Thank you, I did see some zeros at the end of the EDF data.