ECoG data format

Iā€™m trying to analyse some ECoG data through MNE. I saw the tutorial on how to convert the format .edf to bids (this one: 08. Convert iEEG data to BIDS format ā€” MNE-BIDS 0.8 documentation) but my data are in a different format, .npz. Is there a way to upload and preprocess this data with MNE?

Hey @Res I think that .npz files are just a bunch on numpy arrays. See also: numpy.savez ā€” NumPy v1.21 Manual

You can certainly read those in MNE-Python. See the following tutorial: Creating MNE-Python data structures from scratch ā€” MNE 0.23.0 documentation

All you need is some basic knowledge about numpy and the tutorial I linked.